8 Major Risks.

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Merle’s Story

We live in an age of financial confusion – an abundance of information, opinions, and strategies. It’s frustrating, overwhelming and sometimes crazy. We spend our lives working hard to earn the money we need to provide for our families, looking forward to one day retiring, slowing down and enjoying peace of mind. But the world changes, and keeps changing. Everything is more challenging, more frustrating and more uncertain.

Now imagine that you’ve just been handed a half million dollars – cash. It’s more money than you’ve ever had at one time and it might be all you’ll ever make. What would you do with it? Where would you put your life savings to keep it safe, but still get a reasonable return and have access to it if needed?

That’s exactly what happened to me when I sold my family business. When asked for advice from “the professionals”, I was shocked by their answers. So, I set off on what became an arduous, 2-year journey of advisor meetings, research and anguish until I discovered something miraculous – an innovative way to build a financial shield for my money.

I’m on a mission to help every family build and protect their hard-earned money. I finally found my peace of mind, but it wasn’t easy. People are scrambling just to keep up and the pace of change will never slow down. Imagine an army of advisors who understand their awesome responsibility and share my passion for helping families… so others can say, “I found my family financial miracle.”

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